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Social Pros Podcast

Oct 11, 2019

John Jantsch, Founder of Duct Tape Marketing, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss what social media professionals can learn from great minds throughout history.

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History tends to repeat itself and if you look closely, you’ll discover a lot of parallels between the waging of the American Civil War and the existing societal and political climate. 

The wise will look to the past for guidance and as John Jantsch notes in his latest book, ‘The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur,’ today’s entrepreneurs and social media professionals can learn a lot from the inspirational meditations, thoughts and writings of great minds from the past. If you’re in the social media and marketing profession, you have to tap into your creativity to create things today that did not exist yesterday.

Of course, you’re not in this race alone. As John rightly declares, not only are social media professionals making up something that didn’t exist before, thousands of people are going to copy it tomorrow.

So, you have to go right back where you started and like many of America’s most notable authors, you’ve got to unleash your inner creative and be willing to always reach for your next great ‘win’ on social.


In This Episode: 

05:13 – How the essence of marketing and podcasting has evolved in the last five years

07:24 – How John’s book, ‘The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur,’ acts as a guide for developing a deeper relationship with the entrepreneurial journey

10:38 – What we can learn from great minds of the past

13:43 – How John came up with the seasonal structure of his book

18:37 – What compelled John to explore the deep topics discussed in the book

22:32 – A closer look and analysis of some interesting quotes from ‘The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur’ and why they’re so relevant for social media professionals




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