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Social Pros Podcast

Dec 18, 2020

Jay, Adam, and Anna join forces in this special episode of the Social Pros Podcast to talk about some of the best highlights from episodes released in the rollercoaster year of 2020.

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Full Episode Details

2020 has been a year like no other. Not just for the Social Pros Podcast, but the entire world. We have seen and experienced so much this year, so how can you recap a year like 2020?

Well, Jaye, Adam, and Anna searched through the back catalog of episodes released in 2020 and noticed many similar themes running through them. They also saw many commonalities between various guests who shared their perspectives on the world and how the social media industry has changed in 2020.

In this episode, you’ll hear highlights from clips pulled from previous episodes released in 2020. So, if you’re ready to take a trip down memory lane and explore some of the best bits from the Social Pros archive, listen in!

In This Episode:

  • 05:04 – Why you should always listen to your audience
  • 07:19 – How JetBlue has adjusted its content during the pandemic
  • 11:01 – Why it’s important to take advantage of opportunities in real-time
  • 14:08 – What it’s really like to work in this profession
  • 16:39 – Why social pros need to take care of their mental health
  • 20:29 – How to combat burnout as a social media practitioner
  • 23:29 – Why you need to be a great marketer to succeed on social media
  • 26:49 – The benefits of releasing episodic content
  • 31:51 – How to hook your audience from the start
  • 36:14 – Why you should have a separate paid and organic approach
  • 40:46 – The true power of authenticity


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