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Social Pros Podcast

Dec 31, 2021

Marking this incredible milestone, our very own Jay Baer, Anna Hrach, and Adam Brown sit down to discuss the most important (and surprising) lessons learned over 10 years of the Social Pros podcast in this special one-off webinar.

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Full Episode Details

With more than 500 interviews with hundreds of industry-leading social specialists under their belts, hosts Jay Baer, Anna Hrach, and Adam Brown look back over the developments that have shaped social pros roles in the last decade.

In this very special episode, the hosts share insights from previous Social Pros guests about the changes, evolutions, and the biggest surprises in social media since the podcast began. They also revisit some of the very best tips and advice from the experts over the years.

The hosts go on to discuss what’s in store for the future of a social pro and what developments you can expect to see in social media roles in the next ten years. They also share their one dream guest they’d like to interview on the Social Pros podcast.

Discover all the key findings and insights from 500 episodes (and counting) in our companion eBook, where you can also check out the video version of the webinar.

In This Episode:

  • 3:22 – Jay reflects on the early days of the Social Pros podcast
  • 4:50 – Adam shares what it’s been like talking to different social pros over the years
  • 8:26 – Why Social Pros’ success is all down to featuring great guests
  • 12:37 – The biggest surprises in social media over the last ten years
  • 15:24 – What a previous guest had to say about producing authentic content
  • 17:58 – How social media has become part of customer care
  • 20:22 – How social media has changed so much over the last decade
  • 26:24 – Why the role of a social pro has evolved so drastically
  • 28:43 – Predictions on what skills future social pros are likely to need
  • 32:11 – The top guest tips for anyone looking to become a social pro
  • 40:48 – Dream guests Jay, Adam, and Anna would love to see on the show


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