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Social Pros Podcast

Nov 3, 2023

Being bold on social media isn’t always the easiest thing to do. What if you get it wrong…? No one wants to go viral for all the wrong reasons, but in this week’s episode, Gabriel Gomez, Account Supervisor, Social, Community, and Influencer, Gen Z Lab Ambassador at Edelman, shares some food for thought on being socially bold.  

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Many social pros are apprehensive to try new things on social media. There’s a fear of audience reception, and if you’re managing social for various clients, you need to take their thoughts on board as well. Gabriel Gomez, Account Supervisor, Social, Community, and Influencer | Gen Z Lab Ambassador at Edelman, joins this episode of Social Pros to share his blueprint for being socially bold 

In this episode, we hear Gabriel’s methods for keeping tabs on social trends, how he talks to clients about trying new things, and some examples of bold and inventive campaigns he’s worked on in the past (#cancelpizza anyone?)  

He explains why we need to test and learn by trying new things but also engage in social listening to watch audience reception (both good and bad). We also hear about Gabriel’s meme-based strategy for LinkedIn and why he thinks micro-influencers can bring more credibility in their content.  

In This Episode: 

  • 2:42 – Gabriel breaks down the clients and campaigns he works with  

  • 4:12 – The benefits of working on the agency side of social media 

  • 4:56 – How Gabriel keeps tabs of different trends  

  • 9:07 – How he talks to clients about trends 

  • 11:32 – Gabriel takes us through a fun Beyonce-themed Dolby campaign he worked on 

  • 13:34 – How the #cancelpizza campaign made a dry campaign more fun 

  • 16:05 – How Gabriel followed the conversations around #cancelpizza 

  • 19:45 – Why micro influencers tend to bring more credibility  

  • 21:48 – How brands should decide which influencers to work with 

  • 23:41 – Gabriel’s relatable approach to LinkedIn  

  • 27:13 – Gabriel’s advice for LinkedIn 

  • 29:02 – How the Gen Z Edelman lab came about 

  • 31:44 – Gabriel’s top tip for becoming a social pro 


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