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Social Pros Podcast

Nov 17, 2023

Joél Leon, Creative Director, T Brand Studio at New York Times Advertising, hits us with some mic drop moments in this episode of Social Pros. He explores how to build more harmony into the creative process and lead your team to success.  

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If you want your creative team to hit it out of the park, then you’ve got to foster a healthy environment for them. Joél Leon, the Creative Director, T Brand Studio at New York Times Advertising, believes there needs to be more “harmony” within the creative process. And part of that is by building a healthy environment for your team. 

In this episode of Social Pros, we hear Joél’s take on what it means to be a great creative director and why the environment that you set up for your team is key to helping them create their best work.   

We hear how Joél approaches creative projects and why his role is all about trusting people to do their work and creating safe spaces for them to flourish creatively. He explores how he defines success, some of his favorite campaigns to work on, and why we need to be genuine and practice what we preach when joining conversations about social issues.  

In This Episode:

  • 1:51 - Joél explains his role within T Brand Studio  

  • 5:40 – How Joél’s team works alongside the newsroom and editorial teams 

  • 7:10 - Joél shares some details of campaigns his team has worked on 

  • 8:16 – How Joél leads his team to deliver the very best content 

  • 12:12 – Joél’s methods for managing expectations and working with brands  

  • 15:20 – How leaders can create a healthy work environment  

  • 17:20 – How to protect the interests of your team while keeping clients happy 

  • 20:20 - Joél shares some of his favorite campaigns to work on 

  • 23:56 – How Joél prefers to think about failure and success 

  • 27:14 – Finding a harmony between creativity and social issues 

  • 31:05 – Why listening is the most active form of communication 

  • 32:11 - Joél announces his publishing deal and upcoming book 

  • 33:29 - Joél’s top tip for those wanting to become a social pro 



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