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Social Pros Podcast

Feb 17, 2023

Canva has revolutionized design capabilities for brands of all sizes. But what goes into the social strategy that fuels their success? 

We are delighted to be joined by Jacky Barker, Social Lead at Canva, on this episode of Social Pros. 

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Canva is everyone’s best friend! It’s a smart visual communications platform helping social pros with marketing, presentations, branding and so much more. Plus, it features a ton of useful features and templates for you to get started with ease.  

As our guest likes to say, it’s “the full shebang”! 

But what are the secrets behind their rise and how does their social media strategy support their success? 

On this episode, Jacky Barker, Canva’s Social Lead, explains how community and culture are super important to help keep the brand in the spotlight. 

She takes us through her day-to-day responsibilities, how she identifies target audiences and demographics, how her and her team leverage Pinterest and TikTok and so much more. 

This is packed full of expert advice and top tips and tricks for any social pro! 

In This Episode: 

  • 0:00 - Introduction 

  • 4:14 – Explaining Canva 

  • 5:04 – Jacky’s day-to-day 

  • 7:46 – Acting on cultural cues 

  • 9:09 – The boom of TikTok 

  • 11:09 – Engaging with Canva’s community 

  • 13:24 – Canva’s target audience 

  • 19:05 – Canva changing their messaging 

  • 22:20 – How Jacky and Canva leverage Pinterest 

  • 27:08 – Determining the next steps for Canva’s social 

  • 31:41 – Jacky’s parting advice for social pros 


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