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Social Pros Podcast

Mar 5, 2021

Carmen Collins, Employee/Employer Brand & Social Media Lead at Cisco (#WeAreCisco team), joins the Social Pros Podcast to talk about the power of employee social content and how it can help brands build engagement and impact their audience.

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Using social media for employer and employee branding and recruitment is something that nobody does better than Employee/Employer Brand & Social Media Lead at Cisco (#WeAreCisco team), Carmen Collins.

Carmen is a leading force in employee and employer communications and actively gives employees a voice on social media. Brands want to use social media to engage with their audience and promote what’s going on with their business, but how should they determine what to promote? And, how can brands be sure that what they share on social media will be representative of the brand and impactful to their audience?

Carmen emphasizes the importance of having empathy, which is something that many brands confuse with authenticity. To have empathy, brands must be empathetic. It seems obvious, but many brands miss the mark here. Carmen’s solution is to seek help from employees. In her opinion, employee-generated content adds empathy.”

In This Episode:

  • 05:46 – The difference between employee-generated content and brand-generated content
  • 08:39 – How to triangulate new channel opportunities
  • 11:02 – How Cisco has adjusted their content creation process in light of the shift to remote work
  • 13:11 – How to ensure employee content represents your brand
  • 17:01 – Whether Cisco’s core audience is existing or potential team members
  • 19:17 – How to amplify employee content on social media
  • 24:10 – How Cisco approaches paid amplification and targeted ads
  • 27:48 – What to consider when selecting a specific audience to market employment messages
  • 30:25 – How Cisco decides what to publish
  • 35:23 – Whether Cisco carries out studies to measure employee retention, communication, and their overall impact


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