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Social Pros Podcast

Mar 26, 2021

Mark Schaefer, Chief Operating Officer of B Squared Media, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss his latest book, Cumulative Advantage, and why it’s important to try new things and seek new opportunities.

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What makes someone successful? Is it money, education, connections? Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint the turning point in someone’s life.

Mark Schaefer, Chief Operating Officer of B Squared Media, says that it’s not necessarily one thing that acts as an advantage. The initial advantage that people experience can be as simple as a singular conversation. He says that whatever this one initial advantage is can lead you down an entirely different path in your life. “If you have this original advantage…you can build unstoppable momentum.”

Mark’s book, Cumulative Advantage, is based on the work of sociologist Dr. Robert Merton. It follows the idea that those who have some advantage can continue to benefit from it at a much faster rate than those who don’t.

Mark talks about his own experiences and advantages and how they led him to where he is today. He shares why it’s so important to try new things and find your “seam” in the status quo.

In This Episode:

  • 6:00 – What is cumulative advantage?
  • 13:45 – How internal narratives can hold people back
  • 16:50 – Why it’s so important to try new things
  • 18:05 – Mark reveals why loving your own ideas too much can be a problem
  • 19:51 – How sometimes our marketing strategy is dictated to us
  • 20:31 – Why marketing strategy is about finding a fracture in the status quo
  • 22:53 – Mark shares why great marketing is about nonconformity
  • 25:34 – Why following your passion isn’t the only thing you should do
  • 28:45 – Mark shares the idea behind a “sonic boom”
  • 31:15 – How to build your own brand with a sonic boom
  • 34:31 – The important balance between maintaining consistency and excellence
  • 40:28 – How Mark defines mentorship
  • 44:40 – Mark’s top tip for social pros


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