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Social Pros Podcast

Feb 18, 2022

Nathan Allebach, the Creative Director of Allebach Communications, joined the Social Pros podcast for a chat about the ins and outs of creating brand voices and how he created the iconic Steak-umm brand persona.

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Full Episode Details

Nathan Allebach, the Creative Director of Allebach Communications, is on the Social Pros podcast to share his thought process behind creating the Steak-umm brand persona, and the ins and outs of balancing client expectations with audience expectations.

Jumping on the Twitter scene at a time when big brand personas just started dominating the platform, Nathan admits to being pleasantly surprised once the Steak-umm voice rose in popularity.

Nathan discusses how his success simply boiled down to experimentation and how he had to apply clear-cut strategies to keep the brand persona out of the red and in the black. He also shares a few pointers on pitching brand personas and earning client trust further down the line.

Nathan also explains why it’s important for social pros to prioritize basic media literacy and critical thinking.

In This Episode:

  • 04:12 - Nathan tells us about his podcast “What's Really Good”
  • 05:13 - How Nathan’s wealth of knowledge helped make him a social media expert
  • 07:46 - Inspiration behind the Steak-umm brand persona
  • 10:10 - The general reaction when the Steak-umm voice took off
  • 13:12 - How to breathe life into brand voices
  • 16:50 - How Nathan handled non-marketing related messages sent to the brand
  • 20:15 - The dynamics of Nathan’s relationship with the Steak-umm stakeholders/brand managers
  • 23:04 - The kind of topics Nathan would avoid under the Steak-Umm umbrella
  • 26:52 - How to establish trust within brand-agency relationships
  • 30:01 - When to pitch vanity metrics vs actionable metrics
  • 31:34 - Nathan’s take on whether the Steak-umm playbook could work for any brand
  • 41:26 - Nathan’s advice for anyone looking to be a social pro


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