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Social Pros Podcast

Jul 22, 2022

Ivonne Aldaz, Host and Content Creator, and David Ramirez, Senior Marketing Manager at TINT, join Social Pros to discuss the growing value of User Generated Content (UGC) and how TINT is making it a lot easier to reap the benefits of using UGC.

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Whether it’s from posts in a forum, consumer reviews, or random shoutouts, you’ve got to admit there’s a certain authenticity that comes from UGC.

When a brand says something positive about itself, it’s flat-out marketing. But hearing how great a brand is from an actual user hits a bit closer to home base.

In this episode of Social Pros, Ivonne Aldaz, Host and Content Creator, and David Ramirez, Senior Marketing Manager at TINT, highlight the growing role of UGC today and explain the various ways they’re giving UGC a wider platform at TINT.

Hear everything from how TINT uses UGC to push its message forward to what makes up an effective UGC campaign. We’re getting to the bottom of what makes UGC so successful in this episode.

In This Episode:

  • 03:47 What is TINT?
  • 07:58 Ivonne gives an insight into her role as content creator and host
  • 09:42 David explains more about his role as Senior Marketing Manager
  • 12:12 How UGC provides great social proof for brands
  • 13:37 Why is UGC important?
  • 17:54 The benefits of broadening your perspective on UGC
  • 20:48 How Ivonne uses UGC at TINT
  • 24:00 Who should own the UGC efforts in your company?
  • 28:35 Why your HR team should be involved
  • 29:22 Why employee feedback and testimonials are important
  • 34:37 Key elements of a successful UGC or EGC campaign
  • 37:07 Why imperfection is perfect
  • 38:10 Representation is key
  • 40:21 The Big Two with Ivonne and David


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