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Social Pros Podcast

Feb 25, 2022

Erika Lovegreen, the SVP of Marketing & Communications at ICUC, is on Social Pros this week to talk about the intricacies of managing communities in an ever-changing landscape.

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Erika Lovegreen, the SVP of Marketing & Communications at ICUC, has made “people” her business — whether it’s blurring the lines between community management and customer service or adapting to new trends/platforms to meet customer needs.

Erika kicks off with a little ICUC backstory, starting from their humble beginnings moderating WWE conversations via text messages to partnering with Forbes list brands. She also explains what it takes to offer their services efficiently on a realistic and scalable level.

We hear how changes in the digital landscape, as well as global events, have not just changed how audiences react but community managers as well. Erika also highlights the importance of learning to embrace a bit of discomfort and pushing boundaries as the social scene changes more rapidly than it has in decades.

In This Episode:

  • 03:19- Erika explains what ICUC does
  • 05:28 - The line between community management and customer service
  • 06:59 - How the ICUC relates with their agency partners
  • 09:01 - Why prioritization is important when managing clients at scale
  • 11:36 - Erika’s take on the evolution of customers’ attitude over time
  • 13:47 - Why empathy is vital for both brands and the communities they serve
  • 15:55 - Erika breaks down the scoreboard of a typical interaction between ICUC and their clients
  • 18:06 - How passion and logistics play into assigning staff to subject areas
  • 20:47 - The advantage of specialization and forming the right partnerships
  • 23:39 - How the social media age has changed the skillsets needed at ICUC
  • 26:32 - Steps brands should take to ensure they have the right engagement strategies for the future
  • 31:49 - How Erika's background in healthcare feeds into her present role
  • 34:12 - Erika’s advice to people looking to become social pros


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