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Social Pros Podcast

Mar 6, 2020

Jonah Berger, Marketing Professor at The Wharton School, joins the Social Pros Podcast to talk about how you can become a catalyst for change and leverage the power of understanding behavioral science to change anyone’s mind.

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Whether you want to convince customers to buy from you, transform an organization, or get more engagement on social, everyone has something they want to change. But… creating change isn’t always easy.

Pushing for change usually evokes a push back. When you tell someone to do something, they usually do the exact opposite. Think of what happens when you ask your kids to do the dishes, clean their bedrooms, or put their phone away at the dinner table. Chances are, they’ll ignore you completely, or at the very least, put up a fight about it.

However, creating change is possible. You just need to learn how to become a catalyst for the type of change you want to evoke in the world. Jonah Berger, Marketing Professor at The Wharton School, has discovered a better way to catalyze change and shares his findings with us on this eye-opening episode of Social Pros.

In This Episode: 

  • 03:39 – Why Jonah wrote his latest book, The Catalyst
  • 06:47 – Why you need to understand the barriers that stop your audience, client, boss, etc. from changing their mind
  • 08:44 – The psychological reason why humans are so resistant to change
  • 14:02 – How the endowment effect impacts our willingness to get rid of something that’s ‘old’ and/or familiar to us
  • 18:52 – How communications can actually increase opposition
  • 21:37 – How to use the ‘Asking for Less’ strategy to change people’s minds
  • 27:20 – How to overcome the uncertainty that leads people to hit the pause button
  • 31:26 – How we can become more receptive to the right kind of change


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