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Social Pros Podcast

Nov 1, 2019

Jeremiah Owyang, Founding Partner of Kaleido Insights joins the Social Pros Podcast to talk about how the biggest threat to community managers is themselves.


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The main aim of digital transformation is to anticipate customer needs and provide them with a great customer experience. Unfortunately, many companies are focussed on digital transformation, but they’ve forgotten why.

Jeremiah Owyang, Founding Partner of Kaleido Insights, insists that just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should, and that rings true for digital transformation. He’s a great believer of self-care within the industry and explains the best way to advance our social media careers whilst understanding the pressures we face.

Social media is ever-changing, which means there’s an immense pressure to keep up and a high chance of failure. Fortunately, Jeremiah has mapped out the lifecycle of social, which could help you understand where to make changes within your business and connect with your audience effectively.


In This Episode:

  • 05:44 – What is digital feudalism?
  • 07:55 – Where we are in the lifecycle of social
  • 09:06 – The skills needed for modern day social media professionals
  • 11:32 – The biggest challenges in digital transformation
  • 16:30 – Are social media failures due to cultural weaknesses
  • 21:32 – What is Community Manager Day?
  • 30:14 – Jeremiah’s one tip for aspiring social pros




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