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Social Pros Podcast

Oct 27, 2023

How can brands build strong, beneficial partnerships with creators? We invite Lucy Quick, Creator Partnerships Manager, Global E-Commerce Operations at TikTok, onto Social Pros to tell us her thoughts.

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It’s one thing collaborating with influencers, but building meaningful, long-term partnerships is no easy feat. So what are the best ways to make sure your partnerships are successful? 

Lucy Quick has experience working with both brands and creators, so we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to pick her brains. She provides insights on the current influencer marketing landscape, reveals what questions brands should be asking and explains why storytelling with data is the best way to prove your ROI. 

Plus, Lucy shares why working with smaller influencers could be beneficial and tells us the secrets behind the most successful campaigns she’s worked on.  

In This Episode:

  • 3:50 – The current state of influencer marketing   

  • 7:57 – Questions that brands aren’t asking enough when working with influencers  

  • 11:02- The top trends Lucy is seeing in the industry right now 

  • 14:56 – When influencers pivot to becoming competitors with brands  

  • 18:14 – How brands can strike a good balance between micro and macro influencers  

  • 19:51 – How brands should approach influencers in the early days of their career  

  • 22:08 – The best ways to talk about ROI and metrics  

  • 24:37 – How to navigate regulations around influencer marketing  

  • 26:55 – Lucy tells us about a funny campaign experience  

  • 29:18 – The different skill sets required for live streaming 

  • 36:15 – Lucy’s tip for becoming a social pro 



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