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Social Pros Podcast

Nov 26, 2021

Jenn Herman, Instagram Expert, Speaker, and Author at Jenn's Trends, joins the Social Pros podcast for a new and updated chat about Instagram’s best practices.

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Full Episode Details

If Jenn Herman, Instagram Expert, Speaker, and Author at Jenn's Trends, sounds familiar, it’s because she’s a returning guest twice over. She joins the Social Pros podcast for a third time to deliver more fantastic Instagram tips and insights.

Given that Instagram is perhaps the most frequently changing social media platform, Jenn always has something new to share.

In this episode, we look at what’s changed on Instagram and which best practices you should focus on in the future. The last time Jenn was on the show, Reels was a promising new feature. Given what it is today, Jenn explains why you should definitely prioritize Reels in your Instagram strategy.

We also hear some quickfire tips from Jenn for any social pro trying to gain traction on Instagram, including why you should only ever post your best content.

Tune in to the episode to learn what makes a winning Instagram strategy, what she’d love to see on the platform in the future, and why the color blue is surprisingly good for engagement.

In This Episode:

  • 4:08 – Jenn’s take on Meta and why she thinks it’s unlikely to affect Instagram
  • 6:05 – How to deal with ever-changing Instagram updates and why Reels is the one to focus on (for now)
  • 7:43 – How to repurpose content for Reels
  • 11:37 – Jenn explains why “more hashtags is more,” as long as they’re relevant
  • 15:03 – Why Instagram recently rolled out the ‘Rage Shake’ feature
  • 16:23 – The benefits of being able to delete and edit Carousels
  • 19:12 – Jenn discusses the new ability to post from the desktop
  • 21:33 – What photos work best on Instagram – Jenn’s top tips for boosting engagement
  • 24:23 – What features or updates Jenn would love to see in the future
  • 26:53 – The place Instagram has in customer service
  • 29:18 – Why Jenn believes you should have a customer service background to work in social
  • 31:10 – The top thing that Instagram users overlook
  • 34:24 – Jenn shares her top tip for those looking to become a social pro


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