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Social Pros Podcast

May 8, 2020

Zontee Hou, Head of Strategy at Convince & Convert and Lauren Teague, Strategist at Convince & Convert, join the Social Pros Podcast to reveal what changes you need to make in social media during these uncertain times.

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The social media landscape has changed drastically since the coronavirus spread across the world. In a short matter of time, everything has changed, including how people and brands use social media.

As we continue to navigate through these uncertain times, one thing remains certain – you still need to connect with your audience. The only question that remains is how. How can you connect with your customers, prospects, partners, and team members in a pandemic?

The strategy team at Convince & Convert has worked tirelessly to bring you the 11 changes you need to make to your social media strategy in these crazy times. Sharing a few key findings from this research (see links to the webinar and blog post below) are Zontee Hou, Head of Strategy at Convince & Convert and Lauren Teague, Strategist at Convince & Convert.

In This Episode:

  • 05:41 – How historical patterns of social media usage have been disrupted
  • 08:19 – Why brands need to be more deliberate about what they post
  • 09:24 – The importance of providing a human to human connection during these times
  • 10:47 – What brands should be listening to right now
  • 13:47 – How to use your social accounts to communicate necessary information with your customers
  • 19:04 – How to approach the imagery you share on social
  • 21:12 – How social media ads have evolved to reflect the new reality we live in
  • 23:30 – How to inject humor and entertain audiences without crossing a line
  • 27:50 – Why brands need to activate their influencers
  • 30:41 – How ideal publishing times have changed during the pandemic
  • 34:17 – Whether now is a good time to experiment with different channels


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