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Social Pros Podcast

May 15, 2020

Dan Phelps, Head of Social Media Marketing at Wells Fargo, joins the Social Pros Podcast to talk about the power of embracing a serial entrepreneur mindset as a social practitioner.

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The role of a social practitioner often expands beyond the realm of crafting social ads, scheduling posts, and interacting with customers on various platforms. For a lot of us, we must embrace the mindset of a serial entrepreneur and become extremely nimble and fluent in the art of…. well, selling.

As Dan Phelps, Head of Social Media Marketing, Wells Fargo, articulated, it’s our responsibility as social pros to sell the idea of social to leaders that can’t grasp just how important social is in today’s world.

Dan shares so many incredible perceptions with us, including how he communicates real-time social media data to make business, marketing, and communication decisions so much more powerful.

In This Episode

  • 03:24 – How Wells Fargo’s team of social professionals are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis
  • 05:20 - How Dan’s team deal with different audiences
  • 11:37 – How Wells Fargo’s relationship with legal changed during the coronavirus outbreak
  • 14:39 – The process of shifting marketing messages during a crisis
  • 18:23 – How audience interaction has changed
  • 22:44 - How Dan and his team leverage social listening and artificial intelligence tools
  • 31:09 – Tips to cultivate a culture where using social data plays a key role in the organization
  • 34:57 – Advice for managing social media teams


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