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Social Pros Podcast

Mar 24, 2023

If you want to sell on social or dial up your existing social commerce efforts, this episode is for you. We welcome Lauren Petrullo, CEO and founder of Mongoose Media, onto Social Pros. 

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Are you looking to cash in on social but you’re worried about how much time it could take?  

Well, tune in to today’s episode for something truly eye-opening! 

Lauren Petrullo, CEO and founder of Mongoose Media, joins us to simplify the complex world of social commerce. It’s not something we’ve covered a lot on Social Pros, so listen for some fascinating insights! 

Lauren explains how to use social commerce the right way, how to overcome skepticism from buyers and she explains what platforms could be best for you. 

Plus, Lauren reveals why she believes e-commerce brands could be leaving six figures or more on the table by avoiding social commerce!   

Oh, and there’s a fair few mentions of Daniel’s scarf. 

A mind-blowing episode…in the best way possible! 

In This Episode: 

  • 0:00 - Introduction 

  • 3:39 – Let’s meet Lauren 

  • 6:18 – Benefits of brutal honesty 

  • 7:56 – Lauren’s 50,000ft view on social commerce 

  • 12:32 – Dialling up your social commerce 

  • 17:19 – Social commerce skeptics 

  • 21:18 – Analyzing data 

  • 23:26 – Unsung hero channels for social commerce 

  • 28:18 – Dealing with trust issues 

  • 31:45 – Regaining data power 

  • 37:49 – Lauren’s parting advice for social pros 


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