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Social Pros Podcast

Nov 19, 2021

Leah Schultz, Senior Director of Brand & Social at TwinSpires Racing, Sports & Casino, joined the Social Pros podcast to discuss a winning real-time social media strategy.

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Full Episode Details

Leah Schultz, Senior Director of Brand & Social at TwinSpires Racing, Sports & Casino, is on the Social Pros podcast to share the secrets of TwinSpires’ success.

Social media never sleeps. And in the world of online gambling, sports, and racing, social pros need to have their finger on the pulse. Part of what makes TwinSpires’ social content so engaging is that it pops up exactly when the fans need it – in real-time.

Leah and her team don’t delay when it comes to pushing out content. Someone just won their 7000th race? Her team will push out recaps, graphics, and copy, right there and then. Leah explains why this is especially important in this industry and what other social pros can do to stay ahead.

She shares the strategies behind social listening, community management, and why a trusting, close-knit team is key to making fast decisions for social content. Leah also shares a little about the challenges of promoting racing and gambling content, including the regulations and how they differ by state.

In This Episode:

  • 4:34 – Leah shares a bit of background on TwinSpires Racing, Sports & Casino
  • 5:50 – How Leah navigates the different regulations for social content
  • 7:30 – How the TwinSpires team manages national vs. state-specific social content
  • 11:20 - What Leah learned from her time with Papa John’s legal team
  • 13:30 – Why online casino and racing are a 24/7 business for the social team
  • 16:55 – Why having a social team with passionate sports fans is so important for TwinSpires
  • 20:19 – Where community management fits into the social team
  • 22:05 – How TwinSpires manages age gating with its content
  • 26:14 - Leah shares how she talks to leadership about social media and how that’s changed over the years
  • 29:41 – Leah gives her take on how VR and AR will play into the future of online casinos and sports
  • 32:40 – Why Leah prefers Twitter over audio-only platforms like Clubhouse
  • 35:52 – Leah’s top tip for those looking to become a social pro


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