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Social Pros Podcast

Aug 25, 2023

If you’re feeling the pressure as a social media manager, this episode of Social Pros is for you. We welcomed Hannah Tooker, VP of Content at LaneTerralever, to talk about why social pros don’t need to know it all and what we can do instead. 

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With new platforms popping up, ever-changing trends, and a mass of competition, social pros have a lot to keep up with. But in this episode of Social Pros, our guest wants to take the pressure off social media managers. 

Hannah Tooker, VP of Content at LaneTerralever, joins this episode to give us a behind-the-scenes look at how she manages social media strategies for brands while offering tips for other social pros. She explains that social pros can’t always be “everything to everyone” – and why that’s okay! 

We dig into core topics such as tone of voice, tailoring strategies per channel, knowing your audience, and more. She also shares how she helped to launch a highly successful campaign for PetSmart. 

In This Episode:

  • 3:02 – Hannah’s role at LaneTerraleaver 

  • 4:28 – The challenge of staying ahead on social  

  • 7:38 – When to push on new ideas with clients 

  • 10:39 – Cleaning up after bad advice clients have received in the past 

  • 13:20 – How Hannah coaches clients  

  • 16:08 – Getting the tone of voice right for brands 

  • 17:37 – Hannah describes a successful campaign she worked on for PetSmart Charities  

  • 23:01 – How to navigate big changes in the social media landscape 

  • 26:43 – How Hannah began her social pro career  

  • 29:25 – The final two questions 



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