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Social Pros Podcast

Apr 19, 2019

Joseph Jaffe, Admiral, Co-founder at The HMS Beagle and author of ‘Built to Suck,’ joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss why all companies and social networks are built to suck.

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Are Social Networks Built to Suck?

Washed up social media networks litter the shores of the internet. Old-time favorites like MySpace and Bebo are nothing but foggy memories for most of us and even the big leagues aren’t safe. Nowadays, we’re all in the survival business doomed to delay our inevitable ‘suckage’ for as long as possible.

Facing this daunting reality, companies need to uncover a way to cheat the sands of time. Serial entrepreneur and seasoned author, Joseph Jaffe; Admiral, Co-founder at The HMS Beagle has created a new discipline called survival planning that’s designed to help companies outsmart their own demise.

If you’re worried about the future of your business, take a page from Charles Darwin’s book, who once said; “it’s not the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but rather the one that is most adaptable to change.” You may not have the power to avoid ‘suckage’ forever. But, at the very least, this episode will help guide you on your journey to survival.


In This Episode:

05:07 - Why you need to be adaptable to survive in business

06:33 – Why companies need to figure out the ‘talent design’ challenge

11:05 – Why most marketers are “Built to Suck

15:36 – How to survive the ‘corporate apocalypse’

20:26 – How social can both prevent and manifest a corporation’s ‘suckage’

23:00 – Which social networks are the most ‘Built to Suck’

39:57 – Why some companies survive, and others don’t




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