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Social Pros Podcast

Oct 4, 2019

Amy Woods, the Founder of Content 10x, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss why repurposing should be an integral part of your content marketing strategy.

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Do you repurpose your content? Most marketers spend so much of their time and energy creating new content that they neglect to realize the potential value that comes from repurposing content.

Recycling your existing content for different mediums and platforms is an effective way to cut content creation time, expand audience reach and prolong your content’s longevity. However, if you’re serious about repurposing and remarketing your content, you need to get ahead of the curve and think about repurposing before you create the content.

As Amy Woods, the Founder of Content 10x, states, repurposing starts in the planning stage and shouldn’t be an afterthought. If you create content with your repurposing strategy in mind, you’ll be able to create and repurpose content more efficiently and get the most out of your content.


In This Episode:

05:17 – What content repurposing is and how it can help you amplify core content on social media

09:37 – An insight into Content 10x’s repurposing process

11:42 – Why you should create content with repurposing in mind

16:29 – Why you need to repurpose content differently for each of the social media platforms

20:15 – How repurposing can help improve your organic reach on social

23:24 – How to know what hashtags to use for the most engagement

25:36 – How to use content repurposing to drive traffic, increase awareness and generate more clicks

29:05 – Best publishing practices for filtering your repurposed content on social media




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