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Social Pros Podcast

Nov 8, 2019

Ron Tite, Founder and CEO of Church+State, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss his new book, ‘Think. Do. Say,’ and how you can win your audience’s time and confidence. 

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Social media professionals can become so focused on producing non-stop content that they don’t stop to consider whether they’re making originals or prints in their social media.

In other words, do you let creativity drive your social media decisions? Or, are you led by what others are doing in hopes of obtaining similar outcomes? Ron Tite, the Founder of Church+State claims that every artist knows you make more money from the print than the original. But that print doesn’t exist without a brilliant original.

Over time, social media has become more about the media and less about the social, but is it time for a change? If you want to cut through the noise and win your audience’s time and trust, you need to ditch the jargon and unleash your inner artist.


In This Episode:

04.47 – What ‘the pitch slap’ is and how it relates to social media

07:53 – How to pitch a new book to people the right way

12:12 – The role of maths in social media measurement and attribution

15:10 – The challenging side of working with clients from an agency’s perspective

19:19 – Why more social media professionals need to let creative curiosity lead the way

23:12 – Why you need a dedicated social media experimental budget

25:11 – Where influencers work well and where they don’t




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