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Social Pros Podcast

Dec 11, 2020

Marcus Sheridan, Author, Speaker & Co-Owner of IMPACT, is our guest on this episode of Social Pros, where he debunks common myths surrounding social media video content.

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The internet is swamped with myths surrounding video content, but which ones are true? And, which ones should we ignore? Marcus Sheridan, author, speaker & Co-Owner of IMPACT, helps us separate the truth from the lies and reveals whether the length of the videos we share on social media actually matters.

Most people believe that the shorter a video is, the better. However, Marcus quickly debunked that theory when he pointed out that “the average #1 ranked video in YouTube search results is about 10 minutes long.”

Marcus Sheridan puts many of the world’s most popular video myths to rest and shares a treasure trove of tips on using video and how to get your sales and marketing teams working closely together in social media and beyond.

In This Episode:

  • 03:47 – Learn about Marcus’ agency, IMPACT
  • 06:23 – How to use video to bridge the gap between sales and marketing
  • 11:27 – Why the premise that your videos should be 90 seconds or less is not true
  • 15:07 – When it makes sense for a brand to use live video
  • 17:53 – Why videographers need to be strong socially to be successful
  • 21:59 – How video content can improve your social selling efforts
  • 27:58 – Why Marcus left Facebook


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