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Social Pros Podcast

Jun 30, 2023

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Empathy is vital for social media managers, but how can they put it into practice on a daily basis? 

Our guest on this episode says it’s “a wonderful art within management” but needs to be applied in the right way and at the right times. 

Minter Dial, renowned author and keynote speaker at Mydial, returns to Social Pros to discuss how to build an empathic culture in the workplace, the true definition of the word ‘empathy’ and the role it can play in your use of AI. 

Plus, he reveals why he released a new edition of his book, Heartificial Empathy, how empathy impacts trust and his favorite AI tools. 

In This Episode: 

  • 0:00 – Introduction 

  • 5:38 – What’s new in the world of empathy?  

  • 8:55 – How people misunderstand empathy 

  • 11:31 – Empathy isn’t a weakness 

  • 15:05 – How a lack of empathy impacts trust 

  • 16:24 – Empathy and AI 

  • 18:04 – Different types of empathy 

  • 19:08 – Why we run out of empathy 

  • 20:22 – Empathy and AI (continued) 

  • 26:31 – How can we develop empathy for AI?  

  • 30:46 – Just breathe 

  • 31:51 – Minter’s favorite AI platforms 

  • 36:06 – Minter’s final two 

  • 39:01 – Outro  



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